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About Zack (Co-Creator of Intro to Strength Training)


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His love for strength training came after going through a weight loss transformation in his teenage years. He grew up overweight and fell in love with the weight room when he started playing football. From there he lost 60 lbs and began competing nationally as a lifter. Since opening his gym in 2017, he has dedicated his life to coaching. He has coached hundreds of lifters, from those who have never touched a barbell, to those who are ranked elite nationally.

Zack is a Powerlifting Coach and Owner of SoCal Powerlifting,

a strength gym in Irvine, CA

where he leads a team of

4 coaches and over

180 clients. He has his BS in Kinesiology.


New to lifting and need extra support?


Visit my YouTube Channel

Samantha Explains It All

for more resources and an instructional tutorial

library for each exercise!

Training Programs

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A 13 Week Structured Strength Training Program

I collaborated with Zack Bartell, owner of SoCal Powerlifting and elite powerlifting coach, to design a 13 week Intro to Strength Training Program.  This program focuses on building 3 main strength training lifts: the squat, bench press, and deadlift, along with building muscle through accessory workouts. The last week of the program allows you to test out your 1RM (one rep max) for all 3 lifts. The program utilizes training blocks designed to increase strength and build muscle, with built-in deload (or recovery periods) to maximize your training and results.

The Intro to Strength Training program was created for everyone, whether you are new to lifting or an experienced gym enthusiast who is looking for a more structured plan focused on increasing overall strength.

Program Includes:

  • FAQs

  • Weightlifting Terminology Guide

  • Equipment List

  • Substitution List

  • Recommended Warm-Ups

  • 3 Workouts per Week 

    • ​Customizable to Pick the Appropriate Weight For You
    • Squat/Bench Press/Deadlift + Accessories

  • Optional 4th Workout Included

  • Space to Log/Track Your Results

  • Opportunity to Test Out Your Max Lifts on the Final Week!

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